Sunnyside Best Friends Memory Care is a level 3 adult care home in Clackamas County that specializes in providing care for seniors. It was the culmination of many years of planning and learning but also a new beginning of taking what I had learned and building upon it. I began providing care independently in 2006 and have been providing care to seniors in need of a homelike setting ever since. My background in caregiving is as follows: prior to opening my own care home, I worked as a CNA/CMA from 1999 to 2006 in the nursing home setting and also became a certified trainer in the memory care unit practicing a model of care known as "The Best Friends Approach to Alzheimer's care". This model of care absolutely works if done with consistency. It is important that all the caregivers are on the same page and that daily routines are carried out and maintained in such a way that it provides the person being cared for with a sense of dignity, purpose, appreciation and familiarity. I took these concepts to heart and decided that if I were to continue being a caregiver, I wanted to be the best caregiver that I could possibly be. One day as my shift came to an end, the wife of a resident in the memory care unit approached me and gave me a compliment that would serve as a catalyst and motivator for this service I now provide, she said "whenever I come to visit my husband, I can tell whether you are working or whether you are off, when you are here, he is always shaved, hair combed, well dressed and he has  a smile on his face, maybe you should open your own care home".

In my years as a care provider I have been able to manage and provide exceptional care to seniors suffering from Alzheimer’s/Dementia by developing personalized care plans that address their care needs and implementing those plans by utilizing familiar daily routines on a consistent day to day basis, something that is very difficult to do in bigger settings where consistency in care is almost impossible to achieve. I always knew that in order to provide the best memory care possible, a smaller, homelike setting was the key. By Maintaining a familiar, calm, and soothing environment and developing a friendship with those we provide care for, we are able to succeed in this endeavor.



sunnyside best friends memory care Living room.